The simple way to boost sales of building components

Are you looking for a simple online configurator for windows, doors and shading systems?

Here’s a new way of calculating costs –
100% online, 100% simple.

Intuitive and easy to use, with no installation or training outlay for your existing and prospective customers. Faster, cheaper and more efficient: improve your quoting and ordering process for windows, doors and shading systems.

The easy way to calculate product costs, prepare quotes and place orders

MyPricer makes costing and ordering simpler than ever! Your existing and prospective customers can get started right away – no need for installation or time-consuming training.

Save time and resources with efficient, stand-alone functions: straightforward customer information management, fast, reliable price calculations and a simple ordering function.

Your price lists are managed centrally in the cloud in ELCIA’s online Configurator. Updates go live to all users at the same time – guaranteeing a reliable price basis at all times.

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MyPricer – simple to set up, simple to use

Your administrator login in MyPricer makes it easy to set up user accounts for your existing or prospective customers. They receive an email informing them of their new login details and can then work directly in the application from a PC, tablet or smartphone – the only requirement is an internet connection.

MyPricer is hosted on the ELCIA online platform, so you don’t have to invest in costly hardware or maintenance. We take care of all that – so you can concentrate on your business.


A straightforward, efficient way to work for your business and installation partners

Now you can say goodbye to paper mountains, unnecessary telephone enquiries, order input errors and overlooked surcharges. Simple, clear and optimised – this is the future of quotation calculations and order processing.

With this simple, efficient tool, help your customers manage their day-to-day business – and boost customer retention.

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The 6 advantages of MyPricer



This application is entirely web-based: no need for installation. It can even be accessed on mobile devices. All you need is an internet connection.



Convenient and intuitive: start using it straight away, with no need for training.



Hosted securely and maintained by our specialists. For you, this makes it a reliable, stress-free solution.



This solution is ready to use ‘out of the box’, with no hardware or development investment required. New functions are being added all the time, and technical enhancements are integrated directly.



As a manufacturer, this effective customer-retention tool gives you a competitive edge.



MyPricer is available in several languages – the easy way to access international markets.

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